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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Real Life Learning on the iPad!

I am a massive fan of using real life situations for children to develop their learning in different ways. Having a real life stimulus makes learning relevant for children. The 'Mathematics Apprenticeship,' by Gareth Metcalfe is a perfect example of this. A fantastic resource for gifted and talented mathematicians to apply their skills into real word contexts.

I have previously blogged about the use of simulation apps as a stimulus in class here.

I have come across a couple of apps that have great potential for cross curricular real life projects. The first is KeyPlan 3D. This short little video will demonstrate what the app entails -

The potential to this app in the classroom is incredible! Children have to apply their knowledge of measurements if they were to redesign the classroom or create a replica of a room. They could use it for a project to design their own house, contact an estate agent to price up the property and even read then write some adverts for their creations - see some tips here. I will be using this app in some shape or form over the next few weeks and will share the results, so keep an eye out for that.

I have been fortunate to get some free codes for Keyplan 3D, which will be up for grabs on my Facebook page -

Another app that was recommended to me by Steve from iPad Educators is Storest. Again, here is a short video demonstrating the app -

Storest from Pixle on Vimeo.

At first, I thought this was would be incredible in the EYFS classroom, as a potential role play area. However used this app in Year 4 this week in numeracy to again apply their maths skills in a real life situation.

I asked the children to shop for three items, they then had to total the basket before putting the items through the till. This meant they could use the till to check whether their calculations were correct. They then had to work out which notes and coins could be used to pay so they didn't receive any change. The children lapped this challenge up and it quickly turned into finding the most expensive three items, three items that would equal exactly £100 etc. There are so many possible variants to play with this app and I know the children will enjoy using this app to solve different problems and challenges.

Over the weekend I will have some free codes for this app up for grabs too - visit

Another app very similar to this is Motion Math: Pizza! this app challenges the children to run their own Pizza shop by purchasing ingredients, creating different types of Pizza and then selling them to customers! Check out this video (the app is available in £ as well as $)

The team behind Motion Math have created a range of other useful maths apps and are looking for teachers to test and feedback their apps. You can find more details here -

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

#TMStockport 19th November @ Cheadle Heath Primary

What a fantastic night at Cheadle Heath Primary School for #TMStockport! A massive thank you to @MediaShaw for organising! Big thanks to @Gazneedle for his wonderful LIVE doodle notes!

The night kicked off with myself and I shared the recent Kensuke's Kingdom project to demonstrate how iPads should be used to enhance what can be done on paper!

Sarah Lyons then shared how she has been using QR codes in her classroom!

This was followed by Bryn Goodman, who shared all the ways in which he has been using Minecraft to bring the History curriculum alive!

Andy from @IntoFilmFest then shared some of the wonderful ways to use film in the classroom.

@MediaShaw then demonstrated a couple of her favourite apps with Make Dice and Tweetroot! Everyone then enjoyed some lovely hot pot courtesy of Cheadle Heath!

After the break, Alayne Levy treated us to a wonderful demonstration of using iPads to create music with young adults with learning difficulties -

We then were treated to a wonderful video presentation from @ICTEvangalist 

Then had the great Rachel Jones share a video presentation - 

@EllieMMU shared a lovely example of Augmented Reality through Trac Labs Robot! She also made my night with her lovely comments, after I realised she is a parent at my school Davyhulme Primary. 

We were then treated to a demonstration of the super app Plickers by Repa -

Kyle from Primary ICT & Media demonstrated the potential across the whole school using Greenscreen and how accessible it is on an iPad.

Scott Davies discussed the next step in coding club using Project Spark! 

@HGJohn shared some of the blogging projects happening at schools he is working at including -

What was amazing was the incredible raffle prizes we had! We had a signed copy of Mark Anderson's 'The Perfect ICT Lesson book,' and some amazing apps up for grabs!

I was astounded at the generosity I received from app developers, some unbelievable apps were shared to all who attended and I don't think anyone went home empty handed!

Here are some of the apps that were raffled off - 

I have used the majority of these apps in the classroom and many I share on my training! Some will be featured in upcoming blog posts and some extra codes will be shared on my facebook page - very soon.

Check out the storify of tweets from the event - 

Thanks again to everyone who came, to Cheadle Heath for hosting, all the wonderful presenters including Mark and Rachel who took the time to do video presentations and, of course, Jules Shaw who did a wonderful job organising! Looking forward to the next one...

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Mr P goes international - working with ITTC in Dubai!

I was very fortunate to be invited over to Dubai to run two seminars with teachers from all around the UAE in October. Working alongside ITTC, a newly formed company looking to provide quality CPD to schools across the UAE, I ran two training days sharing ideas, apps and strategies with some enthusiastic and friendly teachers. The feedback was incredible and I want to thank everyone who came to the seminars! I will be coming back over again soon no doubt, so if you are interested in further training please contact Shama here - or phone on 0508803995.

Here is a video showing some of the highlights from the event -

I also want to say a huge thank you to Steve from iPadEducators, who really helped spreading the word about my visit and has supported a lot of what I have been doing! I recently did an interview with him which you can read here - 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Shape Lab - Fantastic app for properties of Shape

The latest app from the fantastic team at Shiny Things (the team behind the great Quick Math bundle) is Shape Lab.

This app is fantastic for children learning about different shapes, their properties and measurements.

When looking through the new Numeracy curriculum and the objectives for properties of shape and position & direction, most can be covered using this brilliant app.

Children can simply draw their own shapes using their own fingers and the shape will appear. Children can choose from a range of backgrounds include centimetre paper, four quadrants, dotted papers and triangular graphed paper.

When shapes are created, they are filled in a colour which can be made transparent making it easy for children to work out the area of the shape with the cm paper as the background.

Images can also be added as the background meaning children can clearly identify a range of different shapes within a picture.

Children can easily create Tangrams and then also work out the perimeter or area.

The Shiny Things team have also put together a range of useful lesson plans for teachers to access in relation to the app. These can be found here.

So whether it is investigating the properties of shapes, angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, co-ordinates, translation, scaling or any other part of the shape and space curriculum, this app is a must!

Make sure you head over to my facebook page - as I will be sharing some FREE codes for this fantastic app over the weekend!

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Sainsburys Christmas Advert 2014

Another amazing advert was released in time for Christmas, which can be used as a great stimulus in class! Here is the video -


The video tells the story of British and German WW1 soldiers stopping the trench warfare for one day - Christmas Day.

This advert reminded me of a short story written by Michael Morpurgo, which you can view HERE.

The links that can be made here to the recent Remembrance Day celebrations along with the 100 year centenary.

This resource from the British Council may be useful - CLICK HERE.

As well as this fantastic Football Remembers pack, click the picture -

The writing opportunities in this pack are fantastic so do please have a look!

Please share any work you produce with your class with me and I will link it on this post. 

Here is a padlet wall with more ideas from @Watsed

Top Trump it across the Curriculum!

Top Trumps is a popular game enjoyed by millions worldwide! The new free app 'Top Trump it,' give you the ability to make your own set of Top Trump Cards. This can be used as a tool in so many different ways! I want to share a few!

For plenty of other ideas on using Top Trumps in the classroom, especially in Numeracy, check out The Numeracy Shed's Page here. 

When you load the app you have to create a username and password, you can then make a top trump by adding a picture, using the camera or choosing from the photo library. Then you can add a title and add three stat and values. It would be great if you could add more, but it is just limited to three currently. There is a range of different backgrounds you can pick from before saving the card to the camera roll.

Here are a few quick ideas, that came to mind when playing with this app:


Why not test children's understanding of a story by asking them to make Top Trump cards for characters in their reading book -

Or use it to review books children have read and have these on hand in class for others to read, or even for a display, would link great with this idea -

Children could use it to evaluate each other's writing as a sentence or paragraph. A scoring system could be generated for children to use as they evaluate the writing -


Properties of 2D or 3D shapes - 

Cross Curricular

Use it for children to share knowledge about famous historical figures within a topic -

Use to classify and sort materials in a science investigation, same can be done for animals or science topics - 

Use it in a PSHCE lesson and have children make Top Trump cards about others in the class to demonstrate their individual talents - 

And I am sure there are hundreds of different ways in which you can use this idea across the curriculum. If you have an idea, please tweet me - @ict_mrp or comment on this post. Please if you do share these ideas, have the courtesy to mention the blog from where it came from.

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Sunday, 9 November 2014


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